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2019 MLB World Series Game 1 Live Stream FREE: Best Way to Watch Online TV Coverage


MLB World Series 2019 is going to start on October 22. This year 115th edition of the Major League Baseball World Series tournament will be held. It will be played between the American League champion and the National League champion.

Watch HERE:

Watch HERE:

MLB World Series 2019

Dates Start Date: 22 October 2019
End Date: 30 October 2019
Teams: Astros vs Nationals

The World Series 2019 team selection process will start from October 1st with the wild card game. After that Division Series and League Championship Series will take place until 20th October. We will provide you a complete guideline on how to watch 2019 MLB World Series Live Stream on cable TV and without cables.

World Series consists of 7 games. Game one is scheduled to be played on October 22 and the last game on October 30th. No games will be played on October 24 and 28. Following is the detailed schedule of the 2019 World Series. Teams, venue and time are not confirmed yet. (We will update this schedule as soon as we get the update on October 20).

Tuesday, Oct. 22: World Series Game 1
Wednesday, Oct. 23: World Series Game 2
Thursday, Oct. 24: Travel day
Friday, Oct. 25: World Series Game 3
Saturday, Oct. 26: World Series Game 4
Sunday, Oct. 27: World Series Game 5 (if necessary)
Monday, Oct. 28 Travel day (if necessary)
Tuesday, Oct. 29: World Series Game 6 (if necessary)
Wednesday, Oct. 30: World Series Game 7 (if necessary)

World Series is going to take place in the USA. The hosting venue will be selected later. The primary criteria to be eligible for hosting is the team record. The team who has the better record will host the games. We have to wait until 20th to know the team ranking.

The Boston Red Sox won the 2018 MLB World Series. Steve Pearce became the Willie Mays World Series Most Valuable Player last season. Red Sox won the World Series four times. Los Angeles Dodgers were the opponent.
Ways to Watch MLB World Series 2019 Live Stream

There are many ways to watch the 2019 World Series live. Mainly there are two ways to watch the game. You can enjoy the live games on your handheld device online or cable television. Conventional cable TV is a good source to watch MLB, but you will need the FOX channel. FOX has broadcasting rights for cable TV. YouTube TV is the sponsor, so you will be able to watch online on YouTube.
How to Watch World Series 2019 on FOX?

Fox TV is the official broadcasting partner for the 2019 World Series. They have been streaming World Series for the last 20 seasons since 2000. To watch all the games on your TV you have to tune the FOX channel. To get FOX on your TV, you have two options. Option one is using digital antennas and option two is streaming service. Watch 2019 World Series for free through antennas, if you are in the local fox broadcasting range.

You can also stream Fox on third-party services like Hulu Live TV, Fubo TV, and PlayStation Vue, etc. To watch MLB on those online streaming services you have to buy their subscription. We will discuss all the online streaming next paragraph.

You can also stream Fox on third-party services like Hulu Live TV, Fubo TV, and PlayStation Vue, etc. To watch MLB on those online streaming services you have to buy their subscription. We will discuss all the online streaming next paragraph.

Joe Buck will play his role as a play-by-play announcer. While John Smoltz will be the color commentator with Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci on sidelines.
How to Watch MLB 2019 World Series Live Online?

You are out of the FOX broadcasting range, you may get worried. You may think, you are going to miss all the World Series games. If you don’t have the access to cable TV we have a solution for you. Here you will get the guideline to watch your favorite FOX or FS1 channel on various online streaming services. The following part of this article will show all the available options.
Hulu with Live TV

Hulu + Live TV has a single flat price. With a week free trial their price is 44.99/month, which you can cancel anytime. You can watch live sports, news and more stuff. More than 60 top live channels will be available for you. You will also get all the premium Hulu originals. They also have several options for kids. Users can create a profile for the kid. This feature is a wonderful way for the entertainment of your children.

With some additional fees, you can customize your package with different add-ons. For example, with $14.99/month you can add HBO. An additional $9.99/month will give you access to Cinemax, and $10.99 for Showtime. You can add Starz for $8.99/month.

Hulu TV comes with could DVR option. With a small fee, you can record 200 hours simultaneously and you can watch your recording anywhere. In the home, you will get unlimited screens. Moreover, for the Spanish people, they have Español add-on options.

With a basic $44.99/month plan, you will get access to all streaming library including movies and kids channels. You can watch 2 simultaneous screens. Record your favorite show for 50 hours. You can enjoy Online Tv on Android, Fire TV, iOS, Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Apple Tv, Xbox, LG, Samsung, Nintendo Switch.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the Hulu TV-out with the free trial. If you like the trial, get the subscription and watch MLB World Series 2019 live online on Hulu.

The main focus of fuboTV is sports. So, if you are a sports fan fuboTV will be a right choice for you. It offers best and wide variety of sports streaming than the competitors. Fubo is the first streaming service to offer high-dynamic range (HDR) and 4K UHD.

Fubo has 2 base packages. One is Fubo which cost $55/month and another one is Fubo extra for $60/month. With $55 plan, subscriber will get more than 90 channels. Out of 90 channels, most of them are sports channel and few news, entertainment channels. But, ESPN is not available in the list. Fubo extra is basically an add-on on top of the base plan. Which gives 30 more channels. It has 11 others add-ons for different prices.

Sports Plus add-on cost $9 per month and cover almost all the American sports. Other popular options are, International Sports Plus for $6/month, Adventure Plus for $5/month, Fubo Cycling for $12/month and Showtime for $11 per month. They also have some options for specific languages. For instance, Fubo Latino, Latino Plus, RAI Italia and Portuguese Plus.

You can watch FuboTv on most of the popular streaming devices. Apple TV 4K and fourth generation Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, all of them can stream Fubo. You can watch on Android TV too.

Fubo base plan comes with 30 hours of DVR and additional $10/month will give you 500 hours of recording.

Since Fubo is sports centric, it will be a good choice for sports fans. It has 7 days free trial, you can check all the features before decide to make any payment.
YouTube TV

YouTube TV has only one package subscription option. It will cost $49.99/month and it has seven days free trial. You will be able to watch live TV from more than 70 channels. No cable box is needed. It doesn’t have any hidden fees or contracts.

The best part of YouTube is, it has unlimited DVR space. None of the competitors has this wonderful option. You can stream your DVR anytime anywhere without paying an extra penny. You can also share you subscription with 6 more accounts. All the 6 account will get separate DVR option to store recordings for 9 months. Three simultaneous streaming option is available with the package. You can customize your live guide and get recommendation on what to watch.

Since you don’t have to sign any contract, you can cancel the plan anytime. It is compatible for almost all the devices. Even you can watch on computer with latest chrome browser.

DirecTV Now has changed its name to AT&T TV Now. They have two featured packages, with variety of other packages. Plus and Max are the featured packages. Plus is priced for $50/month and you will get more than 45 channels including HBO. Max is $70/month for 60+ channels. Max includes more sports coverage. It also includes HBO and Cinemax.

Other variety of packages are Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate and Optimo Mas. With these options you will get 65 to125 channels. Other packages starts from $86/months. You can add Premium Channels, Spanish add-ons, International TV after paying few bucks.

AT&T TV now comes with 7days free trial. You don’t need to pay anything if you don’t like it after seven days. TV now has a very limited DVR space. You can record only 20 hours only. Beside this, you can by more space for $5/months.

It is compatible to most of the popular devices. For a new user, who doesn’t have any device, we will suggest to take Roku express for just onetime $30.
Sling TV

It is a USA based live streaming service owned by Dish Network. It focuses on the most important channels for a cheaper price. So, local channels are not available with sling. Basically they have two plans Sling Orange and Sling Blue. There is another plan combines blue and orange. Sling orange has 30 channels and sling blue has 50 channels. The channels available on two plans doesn’t crossover.

If you want to give a try, you have 7 days free trial option. It will be best to try the combine plan. If you like that, you have to pay $40/month for both of the plans. Sling is famous for offering deals always. For example, it always provide 40% of on first month of service. In that case, $40 plan will cost $24 for the first month.

They have different add-ons named as extra. Orange package has 7 extras and Blue has 6 extras. All the extras are around $5-$10. Extras are categorized though genre. For example, comedies, movies, kids, lifestyle, Hollywood etc.

You can subscribe premium channels on extra by paying $3-$10 for each channel. So, you can get the channels you like. You don’t need to pay other companies to get multiple channels for a huge amount of price. Sling also has international and Spanish langue plan for just five bucks. They are still working on 4K streaming.
PlayStation Vue

PS Vue is a live streaming TV service from Sony. There is a confusion that, everyone thinks they need a PlayStation to get the service. This is a myth, you don’t need a PS to get Vue service.

PS Vue has 2 basic plans Access and Core. The price of Access is $49.99 per month and Core is $54.99 per month. Two other additional plan is also available Elite and Ultra. Elite is $64.99/month includes 80+ channels. While Ultra is $84.99/month, which consist of HBO and Showtime. You can add sports pack, HBO and Showtime individually with basic plans. Sports pack will cost you $10/month, HBO $15 and Showtime $10.99 per month.

Vue has some premium features with all the plans. They have cloud DVR with 10 viewing profile. If have many family members and friends, Vus is a good option. At a time you can stream on 5 devices. If you have PS4 console and Apple TV, you can watch 3 channels on the screen.

It has 5 days trial period and canceling option anytime. Vue supports on most of the devices.

ESPN brings out their stream service in 2018. They only provide live sports. They cover some selected live games. Since they cover only some selected live sports, subscription price is very cheap. The price is $4.99 per month or $49.99/month. Which is available on any devices and you can cancel any time.
How to Watch MLB World Series 2019 from Anywhere?

Millions of fans are waiting to watch 2019 World Series. Fans can watch it from anywhere in the world. Some local channels may stream on TV. If you don’t live in USA and if you are lucky you might get to watch on local channels. Now the question is, if your local channel doesn’t stream the MLB World Series, how would you watch it? Because, all the streaming services we have discussed earlier, are not available out sire of USA.

Whenever you want to access those site, you may get geo error. Which means they don’t have service for your country. We have a solution of this problem for the clients who subscribed already. You may visit aboard for you work during the World Series. During this time you may not be able to access the streaming services because of the location. However, you can access through VPN while you are travelling. We will discuss about VPN and DNS proxies on next part of this article.
How to Watch MLB World Series 2019 live through VPNs?

VPN will help you to use a USA IP address outside of the US. VPN will come handy when you are unable to access to your favorite live stream services. Normally all of the Online TV streaming service provides are based on USA. Some of them might work in Canada too. But rest of the world is blocked. If you are already subscribed in, still you can watch those anywhere in the world. It is possible that, you are travelling for work or you are on a vacation during this year’s World Series.

Beside this, you don’t want to miss the games. Most likely you will not be able to watch on streaming services like FuboTV, Sling, AT&T Now etc. Virtual Private Network in short VPN will give you the access like USA. There are free and paid VPN services available.

You may use free VPN, but that will not give you smooth access. Those free VPNs might get disconnected time to time and make interruptions. We will suggest you to get paid VPNs. You will get hundreds of them on Google. Following steps will give you the direction to watch MLB World Series live stream through VPNs.

Step 1: You have to install VPN on your PC or Laptop.

Step 2: Sign in to your VPN account.

Step 3: Pick a United States server. Select the one with strongest signals and connect.

Step 4: After you get connected to VPN, you are good to go.

Step 5: Open your browser or launch the app to login to your subscribed streaming service and enjoy the game.
World Series 2019 live on Smart DNS Proxies

Smart DNS proxies are similar to VPN. Proxies bypass a location restriction by using Google DNS or others. For this you have to reset Internet protocol and save with new International DNS. You will get a lot of tutorials to get DNS proxies. You can pick any tutorials available online and follow the steps.
Listen MLB World Series 2019 on Radio

ESPN radio provides ball by ball broadcast of Major League Baseball. ESPN has a brand name on that which is called Major League Baseball on ESPN Radio. It runs for about 3 hours on game day and cover every single ball. Jon Sciambi, Chris Singleton, and Marc Kestecher are the broadcaster. ESPN has been broadcasting World Series for last 21 years.

Throughout the article we have already discussed on watching MLB World Series 2019 Live Streaming online. There are a lot of options available which are convenient for the fans. You just have to pick the right option. 2019 World Series Live will be available in your hand, if you want it. Though it is a seven game series. But last three games are optional. If both teams wins 2 games on first 4 games then last 3 games will be played.

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