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Alessia has spent her career working in digital marketing, enhancing the experience of developing and promoting new tech solutions. Constantly learning new things, when not working she likes traveling and writing about women, tech and startups in her blog. 

Someone once said: "There's a special place in hell for women who are not supporting other women". And I think this is the key to fight against inequalities. 

Alessia’s interest in tech started at a young age when her father brought home a computer and told her that if anything went wrong with it she had to fix it, so she learned how to troubleshoot common issues.  As she got older she continued to gravitate toward tech and began managing her band’s website and creating content for it. Shortly after, she learned about the tech start-up scene and officially found her niche.  

Alessia spent years working for a variety of start-ups.  She enjoyed the experience and after a while decided that it was time for her to be her own boss.  She then started ACE Marketing Consultancy and currently works as a growth marketing consultant, which she loves.

It was actually a colleague at her last full-time role that encouraged her to start out on her own.  A decision which she is truly happy she made.

In addition to consulting and working on her blog, Alessia is also in the process of writing a book on growth hacking a topic which no other woman has yet tackled.  Though she is constantly juggling different projects, Alessia is happy to have the opportunity to see multiple experiences from different points of view and experience new things daily.

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