Bukola Lilian Akinfaderin

Bukola has spent most of her career as a mobile software engineer including running a Nigerian Startup called Jandus Mobile Solutions for 4 years. Her passion is working on various mobile projects ranging from entertainment and music to fashion, beauty and lifestyle apps. She particularly focuses on apps that solve issues for underrepresented minorities. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling around the world with friends.

No one else is trying to solve the issues of under represented minorities because the majority engineers do not understand the issues.

Bukola is a software engineer who is driven by using technology to solve common problems. Her start in technology began when she fell in love with programming after building a small java radio applet during her freshman year in college. She landed her current position at Ancestry.com when she was recruited by a recruiter on LinkedIn.

Her daily duties primarily consist of coding and she enjoys coding outside of work as well. However, like many women in tech, she did have a time when she considered leaving tech after her Jandus Radio app was discontinued. But then she landed a Senior Software Engineering position in San Francisco. If she weren’t working in tech she shared that she would be working in the fashion, beauty, or fitness industries.

She doesn’t have a mentor but desires to have one. She has a side project called AFROCAST - a podcast aggregator for black millennial podcasts. When she’s not working she enjoys watching movies and traveling internationally.

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