Gertrude Nyenyeshi

Gertrude is a software developer based out of Andela’s office in Nairobi, Kenya whose passion for programming was initially sparked by her love for gaming. She is passionate about giving back and has created opportunities to improve her local community as well as the larger tech world. She teamed up with a fellow Andela developer based in Lagos, Nigeria to found Tech In Pink, an initiative to train younger girls in programming and better support them in the tech industry. When she's not coding, Gertrude likes to explore her passion for photography, writing and reading. She also enjoys watching animated films and documentaries; she is particularly fascinated by historical wars and cosmological discoveries.

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Gertrude is driven by helping others, especially women, discover their dreams and work towards achieving them. She began working in technology full-time in September 2015. She shared that she was always interested in building things and, as a young girl, her interest was sparked in gaming. She eventually went to college and studied joined Information Technology. During her senior year, she worked as a Social Media Specialist part-time before landing a software developer position.

After a few months at her first job, she recalled that she doubted her abilities and wanted to quit. During that time, she started having weekly meetings with a mentor, who helped her push through the challenges. She persevered.

At Andela, her typical workday involves meeting with team members to discuss projects and implement changes. Depending on the needs she works on the front-end, customer-facing side of the business logic-side on the backend.

Self-improvement is important to her and she’s thankful to have a senior developer as her mentor. If she wasn’t in the tech industry, she said she would be a writer because she loves creative writing. As a side project, she is working on a project dubbed "Mentor Her," which is a platform for women in various careers who mentor girls. Additionally, she is part of a team that teaches code in high schools in Nairobi. During her spare time, she enjoys taking photos, hiking, and driving through safaris.

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*NOTE: Spotlight reflects Gertrude’s role at the time of the interview.

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