Kara Lindstrom

With a background in how people and space influence each other, Kara currently manages a center for transdisciplinary research and learning at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship. Her love for culture, transit, and Philadelphia has also led her to be involved as a co-organizer with Urban Geek Drinks and a contributor to the Philadelphia Geek Awards.


Chief Instigation Officer

Kara is the program manager for Drexel University’s ExCITe Center. Her journey to her current position began when an associate dean at Drexel recognized that she was being underutilized while she was working part-time at the university. Due to funding from a grant, a full-time position was later created and she began working on two projects: 1. Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (which became Philly KEYSPOT) and 2. A proposal for the National Science Foundation Science and Technologies Center (STC) that led to the creation of the ExCITe Center.

On mentorship, I've found a collection of wonderful people through the tech scene that have become some of my closest friends and provide guidance on any number of things tech and non-tech alike.


Kara describes her workday as atypical in that she doesn’t have dedicated desk; she instead works from a standing ledge. She is also not stationary because she travels around the center and Drexel’s campus while working on everything from grant-funded projects to developing language, systems, and protocols for the center. According to Kara, she has always been interested in technology as a means, not just for the technology itself. In a previous role in Washington, DC, she did web design work but she likes that her current role allows her to explore of a wider array of technologies beyond digital. 


Kara believes that being a designer is a lifestyle choice not a profession and she uses design in her approach to research and learning. She has a MS in Interior Architecture and Design. One highlight for the year is the launch of Learning Innovation that brought notable minds from across a variety of fields to discuss effecting learning and how to innovate. When Kara is not working, she enjoys collecting art and drinking tea.

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