Kellee James

Founder and CEO of Mercaris, a market information service and on-line trading platform for organic agricultural commodities. Former White House Fellow advising members of the Obama administration on environmental markets. When she is not working she loves to travel to warm, sunny places.

Serial Entrepreneur

The idea for the Mercaris, an on-line trading platform for organic agricultural commodities and more, was sparked for CEO Kellee James while attending grad school. Kellee holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in International Development from American University. Kellee has quite the impressive resume as she is also a former United States of America White House Fellow.

There are important problems out there to solve and not a lot of time to solve them!

According to Kellee, her daily drive comes from this fact: “There are important problems out there to solve and not a lot of time to solve them!” With offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, and the District of Columbia, Kellee shared that her startup life includes long hours, lots of travel, and, at times, working from anywhere that she can connect to wi-fi and use her phone.

Prior to launching Mercaris, Kellee was also the co-founder of Exchangery and principal of the Organic Futures Group. When asked about her journey as an entrepreneur she shared that she had many mentors along the way. There were many times when she pivoted as she went from being a professional equestrian in the public sector to now working in the private sector. She said, “I work in whatever capacity I feel can make the most difference at the time.”

Kellee is a woman with vision and an intentional problem solver. She is currently working on a project to build the first, comprehensive platform for organic agricultural markets. Because she believes in the importance of a balanced life, when she is not working, she spends her time reading, traveling, and dancing.

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