Sabrina Thompson

Sabrina is an entrepreneur and global storyteller. She uses the mediums of photography, film, and video to dynamically direct and craft stories of redemption, social justice, empowerment and business concepts for families, organizations and corporations worldwide. She is a sports junky, world traveler and also runner-up of the CBS Emmy award-winning show, Survivor.

There needs to be more women of color executives in media and I aim to help fill those spots to ensure we are represented in mainstream media.​

After finishing in second place on Survivor, Sabrina decided to take her earnings and create her own media production company, KUU productions. Leaving behind her full-time teaching job gave her the opportunity to focus more on her craft and tell stories that she felt needed to be heard.

Sabrina credits her parents John and Carolyn Thompson as her mentors. As a child, she used to watch her father photograph people as his side hustle and was intrigued by how her father was able to capture people’s lives and preserve the moment forever. She kept that memory with her and as society shifted and media became more digital her interest in technology grew and continues to grow as her now six-year-old business thrives.

Sabrina’s days vary based upon what projects she is currently working on, however, whenever she is not editing, shooting or running to catch a plane to film in a new location she spends her time perfecting her craft and learning new techniques.  When she does get some free time she is often working out, painting or wandering around New York City taking in the sites.

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